Do you know that being a volunteer is wonderful? Here are three reasons how it works as wonders in the life of every volunteer.

There is healing in volunteerism. Most volunteers are people who experienced great losses and traumas in life. We know that after these kinds of circumstances, we often lose the motivation to continue in life. One wonderful way to heal, recover and get back on track is to give back. The wonderful way of giving back is through time and effort for the good of those who are in need. The humbling feeling and level of satisfaction of altruism when we volunteer brings healing. It gives a grieving person another reason to life one day at a time because somebody needs them. The delight as volunteers in action gradually heals their scars each time a stranger smile in gratitude for a simple act of kindness. Undeniably, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world and sometimes, that is all we need to heal.

It gives you endless opportunities and development. Volunteering could be a short or long term commitment. It has only two requirements, passion and positivity. Most professionals are so focused in advancing only to a single career. In volunteering, you as volunteer have a chance to do the other things you like because sometimes, our job is not our passion. Our careers are made out of need to be financially stable. When you volunteer, you can pursue the other side of you in the most wonderful way because it is not only self-expression but it is giving a part of yourself to something worth it. Like giving care, sharing happiness and spreading positivity to another person. It could also advance your career, since other volunteer programs are in form of internships where you undergo trainings and seminars. There is no really borrowed time here, because every moment is an opportunity and when there is opportunity, we develop.

Volunteerism makes a better change in the community. Change is inevitable, hence why not make it good one. A good change can start when you decide to do or join volunteer work. Volunteering is not only giving financial help. Actually, these are random acts of kindness you chose to give to your community. Nowadays, volunteering organizations serves as bridges to extend an arm to the needy. Our busy and toxic lives make us numb in what is really happening in our community. You will able to teach your family, especially your children the real essence of good living while benefiting your community. Now, it is the time to appreciate your power to change not only your life but your community as well. Be sensitive and emphatic, be the good change in your community, be a volunteer.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said “We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries or the size of our automobiles, rather than by the quality of our service relationship to humanity.” Today is never too late to choose kindness. The goodness in your could be anywhere now. Be one, now and experience, firsthand the wonders of being a volunteer.