If you know how to clean your carpet properly, then you’re probably pretty proud of your home as a homeowner. There are at least five well-kept secrets on how to keep your carpet clean and fresh. But despite all your cleanliness efforts, the carpet will eventually be exposed to spills, drops, and accidents, from the food that you eat to the stuff sticking from the bottom of your shoes. Know how to clean your carpet with these five tips.

1. Stain

If food has dropped on your carpet, don’t worry. Use a cleaner, a smooth cloth, some paper towels or a sponge to avoid getting a permanent stain. The stain removal process to be used is blotting. Blotting puts pressure on the surface instead of pushing the stain deep within the fibers. Rubbing on your carpet will make the particles combine with the fibers, and that can lead to premature damage. It will also cause the color to fade away. The best thing to do is not to drink or eat on a carpeted floor.

2. Grease

Grease is a type of stain that is difficult to remove. The trick is to add one or two drops of a liquid dishwasher in water to wash away the grease on your carpet. You can put the solution in a bottle with a sprayer and apply it to the problem area accordingly. Just be careful not to put too much on it on your carpet or drying will be a problem.

3. Chewing gum

Having chewing gum on your carpet is a nightmare. It sticks, it’s messy, and it’s awful. To remove it, get some ice cubes from the fridge and place it on the problem area. Freeze the gum using the ice cubes for 30 seconds. Use a knife to pick up the frozen gum. You may have to cut the carpet fibers with the gum that can’t be removed. Just be careful in doing that or you may leave an unsightly hole on your carpet.

4. Hot wax

Everyone loves candles but if the wax ends up in your carpet, it’s not pretty anymore. Hot wax that dripped into the carpet can dry quickly and get absorbed by the fibers. Heating and liquidation will help remove the wax. Do not rub or add water to the affected area, as this will only drive the wax further into the carpet fibers. Instead, cool the wax using ice cubes. Remove as much loose wax as you can.

5. Pet stains

If you have pets in your home, then you will most likely encounter carpet accidents more than you wanted. Removing pet stains is tough. Blot the stain right away to absorb excess liquid. Use multiple layers of kitchen towels if you have to. Use an enzyme cleaner to fix the problem.

These are just some tips that you can follow to make sure that your carpets are clean and fresh at all times. But to make sure that it is always in tiptop condition, hire the experts in carpet cleaning Atlanta regularly.